Anesthetic Face Mask
Two-week lead time | €0.26/pcs

single-hand operation

enhanced anatomical design, our mask offers excellent seal performance with minimum pressure

soft seal

excellent seal will also help the clinician in providing optimum manual ventilation of the patient

environmental friendly

Our mask is non PVC and latex free which significantly minimizes the environmental impact

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Purchase policy

$499 for your testing

To appreciate your time and effort, we offer $499 no matter we pass or fail your test

2 week lead time

To provide you the most flexible ordering schedule, we offer 2 week lead time

MOQ : one pallet

To lower your risk while trying a new product or working with us as a new supplier, our MOQ set to one pallet

Smaller, but not less

Awesome Support

If you are familiar with the traditional anesthetic face mask, you would notice not only the size difference but also different using experience.